Our Story

Having a three day catastrophe happen upon your first week of moving to New York can be an epiphanic moment.  After sitting on a curb laughing about your Acura Integra getting stolen and finding out the job you had lined up no longer exists, you realize...You're officially screwed!  So, what do you do?  Well, after you go to the bar and drink some whiskey, you call your mom.  She then, without missing a beat, reprimands you on your life choices and then out of nowhere tells you, "I always thought you were going to be a writer."  How she came upon this revelation (probably from the plethora of journal entries she photocopied for her reading enjoyment), was the lightning bolt you need in these types of situations.

New York was a magical place.  It conjured up this idea to feature people you meet in every day life that you wouldn't usually give a second blink to, and give them a voice.  Anti-Mag is a vehicle and a place where individuals are given the light they need for others to see. It's to prove that you don't need an A&R guy, or an agent, or a store, or anything but the natural talents you possess. That guy you're sitting next to on the bar stool, he makes the most amazing furniture and that girl who looks like Miss Suzy Nobody, she paints the most vivid dreamscapes and this lady who thought she was only a waitress and who didn't fit in anywhere is actually a pretty decent writer.  She's writing this story right now and all she wants is for you to meet these people in her life from all over the world.  So, we hope you enjoy and we welcome your readership.

Lady J

Jo Ann L. Breaux, aka Lady J
Editor/Creative Director/Producer

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anaïs Nin

Lady J

Jo Ann Breaux, aka Lady J, has been writing since she was a wee thing. Imaginative and intellectual, she brought life to her journals growing up.  Her only goal has been to move people with the art of words.  She created Anti-Mag in 2005 on a New York afternoon and had been on hiatus due to "a life changing" experience.  

Jo Ann has been freelance writing for various websites and has done a number of burlesque reviews for RVA Magazine. She is currently writing a book with hopes of publishing and beginning a second one. Lady J has been host to the AM Radio Show on Mediumrare.com and is in hopes of starting her own podcast for Anti-Mag.  She plans on continuing her fundraising events as a way to give back and help others become educated to such efforts.

"To write is to breathe for me, I want to emotionally affect someone with words. There is no greater accomplishment than to see a tear, a smile, or hear a laugh because of something I wrote."

Lady J hopes to take Anti-Mag to new realms and to provide those without a voice one that can be heard. She enjoys finding individuals who want to fly under the radar and spotlight those who have a passion and a fire for what they do. Everyone has a story....what's yours?

If you are interested in doing any freelance photography or writing work, please feel free to contact me!